Splendid house for sale, near La Antigua #3031

Splendid house for sale

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Location: La Antigua Guatemala, close to El Calvario.

    US$ 895,000.00 + taxes, unfurnished.
    US$ 1 million + taxes, fully equipped and furnished as seen on pictures.

Description: Splendid house for sale, Antigua’s colonial style. Brand new home, unique and exclusive design and feature a mix of authentic antiques and new furnishings, mixing modern amenities with the look of yesteryear for a perfect blend of comfort and ambiance.


Espléndida casa estilo colonial en venta #3031a

3031a 09

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Ubicación: La Antigua Guatemala, muy cerca del Calvario.

    US$ 895,000.00 + impuestos sin equipar
    US$ 1 millón + impuestos totalmente amueblada y equipada, como se ve en las fotos.

Características: Espléndida casa en venta, estilo colonial. Exclusiva residencia lista para estrenar, con un diseño único, funcional y elegante, que armoniza a la perfección, la belleza de antaño con las comodidades del presente para el disfrute de sus ocupantes.


Big House for Sale in central Antigua #3020

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Location: Central La Antigua Guatemala, 2 blocks from main square.
Price: US$1,600,000.00; Ready to moving-on now, property title & registers in order.
Description: This is a big house For Sale, located in one of the most important streets of the colonial city, excellent distribution and location, ideal for multiple business and residence. This is one of the few properties which retains its original character in town. It has a wide rooftop patio, with a wonderful volcano & ruins view. It’s located on a street with a high pedestrian & vehicle volume of local and foreign tourism.

Gorgeous House for Sale (Best buy) #3015

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Location: La Antigua Guatemala, 5 minutes from central park.
Price: US$595,000.00 (Excellent price)
Description: This gorgeous home for sale, is located in one of Antigua’s most exclusive gated communities. Exquisite Antigua’s colonial style, finest wooden finishes, spanish terrace, wide spaces.