Brand-new House for sale in San Pedro El Alto #3026

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Location:10 minutes from main square, residential area, excellent neighborhood.
Price:US$160,000.00 + taxes.
Description:House for sale, Antigua’s Colonial Style, with garden and a wonderful pergola, bucaro fountain, wide and spacious, natural illumination, located in a private area, natural surroundings.


Homes for Sale Residential Condominium El Cafetal # 4013a1

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Location: San Miguel Escobar, very close to La Antigua Guatemala.
Price from: US$61,137.80.
Description: The colonial style houses are built with a high-tech construction system, which are anti-Simic, thermal and acoustic.
Are built under the supervision of qualified Civil Engineer with optimum quality of materials and finishes.
The price of the house depends on the size of terrain you choose. Realize your dream of living or investing in a Residential Condominium first.

House and Apartment for Sale in Antigua Excellent Investment #3001


Location: La Antigua Guatemala
Price: US$350,000.00
Size: Lot of 12 x 40 mts
Description: This house is located only 7 blocks from Antigua’s Central Park within the Historic Center and very close to a beautiful park with a colonial fountain, ruins, trees, and children playground. From the its doorway you can look at the passing processions from La Merced Church and gorgeous sawdust carpets.